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Underwater Archeology Museum
The Underwater Archeology Museum is the most fascinating part of the museum in Bodrum. The place is devoted to underwater archeology. The Museum exhibits objects recovered from the sea along with illustrations of the methods and equipment used by the underwater archeologists.
Fethiye Museum
Fethiye Museum was found in 1965 in a temporary building consisting of two rooms. The first room exhibits pieces of a tomb from Tlos, grave steles, column pedestals and capitals, offering stones and earthenware statuettes and vases from the Byzantine, Roman and Lycia periods. In the second one, there are coins, ornaments, statues etc. from various pre-historic and historic periods.
Myndos Gate
Myndos Gate is the only surviving gate of the ancient Halicarnassus, situated on the west side of Bodrum. Made of andesite stone blocks, the gate was a part of the 7km long town walls built in the 4th century BC by King Mausolus.
King Mausolus tomb, the Mausoleum is about 40 m/131 ft in length, 30 m/99 ft in width and 45 m/148 ft in height. The monument consisted of a burial chamber with 36 ionic columns on the top and a stepped base, surrounded by a pyramid roof covered with marble quadriga and figures of Mausolus and Artemisia sculpted on it. On the left, the main steps guided to the tomb of Mausolus with one huge grey stone block obstructing the entrance to the tomb. This grey block can still be seen.