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If you are looking to get more from your holiday in Bodrum, plan your Bodrum trip during festival season and be one of them while experiencing the culture, traditions and celebrations in Bodrum. The festivals add colour to Bodrum's life and attract people from other parts of the world.

Seasonal Festivals

There are a lot of seasonal festivals celebrated according to the seasons. Though Hidirellez and Nevruz are celebrated simultaneously, some differ by the conditions of the climate in the city. Hidirellez, Betnem, Crocus, and Nevruz are celebrated in spring, Solstice is celebrated in summer, and New Year during half of the winter. Apart from these, there are some unique festivals like Bodrum International Ballet Festival, Bodrum International Biennial and Bodrum Baroque Music Festival etc.

The Bicycle Festival

Celebrated in May, the Bodrum Nature Sports Club organises the Bicycle Festival. Neyzen Tevfik Street is the starting point, and after cycling through almost every bicycle trail, it ends up at the Quay centre. During the festival, there are other activities, dance shows, live music performances throughout the day.

Bodrum Cup

Every October, the event attracts wooden sailing yachts from all over the world. The professionals, as well as amateurs, can participate in the race. This competition is becoming more and more popular day by day!!

Religious Festivals

Religious festivals are celebrated as per the Muslim Lunar calendar. The biggest festival is Ramadan (Ramazan), which is generally marked with a month of fasting and ends with three days of feasting called the Seker Bayram (Candy Festival). Then comes the Kurban Bayram (Sacrifice Festival), marked by visiting family and close friends.

Kurban Bayrami - 'The Festival of Sacrifice'

Kurban Bayrami is celebrated in honour of Abraham's sacrifice for his son Isaac. It is a four-day festival generally celebrated in January. The sheep is killed, skinned, and butchered for a feast after the morning prayers on the first day. A portion of meat is given to the poor, and the skin is given to charity organisations. The other days are spent visiting family members and close friends.

Seker Bayram (Candy Festival)

Seker Bayram (Candy Festival) indicates the end of Ramadan or Ramzan. Seker Bayam is a festival of feasting and eating sweets and visiting the older family members.

National Festivals

Victory Day (Zafer Bayrami) on 30th August, Republic Day (Cumhuriyet Bayrami) on 29th October, the Liberation Festival, and many more events, festivals are celebrated in Bodrum.