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Bodrum is the main city to explore the cultural foundation of the Turkish republic. It is famous for its castle, long beaches, resorts and popular yachts. Daytime can be used for activities like boating, swimming, yachting, snorkelling and travelling to ancient attractions like Halicarnassus and museums.

City Transport

The cheapest and best way to travel around the city is by Dolmus. Dolmus is like a shared taxi or minibus that departs frequently from particular bus stations to all the famous destinations. HAVAS coaches operate passenger transport services between airports and city centers by shuttles.


Bodrum city is considered to be very safe and the petty crime rate is quite low compared to other famous destinations in Europe. Still, it is recommended to keep small and expensive items out of reach and avoid displaying valuable items.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in Bodrum Airport, flights, city, and inter-city buses. Smoking is still a common pastime for Turks, but soon a new law that prohibits smoking in all public areas will be accepted by the Government in due course.


Tipping is quite normal in Turkey and service charges are not added specifically to hotel or restaurant bills. Due to low incomes, on many occasions people do expect to be tipped especially if they have provided an extra good service. Usually taxi drivers round up the fare as a tip for their services.

What to Wear

  • During the summer season, the temperature can reach up to 31°C (87.8°F) so take light, cotton summer clothing for the daytime and cardigans for the evening.
  • When traveling to archaeological or historical sites, comfortable and non-slippery shoes are essential.
  • Carry hats, caps, sunglasses, sun lotions, and also other protective equipment to shield from the hot and burning sun.
  • Beachwear is obviously required but also take warmer clothing for cool evenings.
  • Women Travellers should bring a head scarf when visiting mosques.

When to Go

Bodrum is known as “The land of eternal blue“ in Turkey. It is one of the antique cities in Turkey and an attractive holiday resort. This city is not just a famous tourist destination, Bodrum also attracts many Turks that travel from other parts of the country. Turkey experiences drastic changes in temperature on the same day but Bodrum city maintains a moderate climate all year round.

The city of Bodrum falls under Mediterranean climate zones that maintain a mild winter and very warm summer seasons. Spring and autumn are the popular seasons to visit Bodrum city as the climate remains pleasant and the evenings become a little colder. Rainfall and showers are rare in the summer but quite high during the winter seasons.

Best Time to Visit: May to October.

Emergency Numbers

Calling Code+90
Area Code252
Ambulance / Medical112

Important Phrases

İyi akşamlar!Good evening
Nasılsın?How are you?
İyiyim, sen nasılsın?I am fine, and you?
Çok iyi değil.Not very well.
Teşekkür ederim.Thank you
Birşey değil.You’re welcome
İngilizce konuşur musunuz?Do you speak English?
İngilizce biliyor musunuz?Do you speak English?
Türkçe bilmiyorum!I don’t speak Turkish
Sizi anlamıyorum.I don’t understand
Şunu tekrar edebilir misiniz?Could you please repeat
Tanıştığımıza sevindim./Memnum oldumPleased to meet you
Afedersiniz, tuvalet nerede?Where is the washroom?
Ne kadar?How much does it cost?
[Name] ile görüşebilir miyim?May I speak to [Name]?
Özür dilerim./ Pardon!I am sorry
Afedersiniz.Excuse me
Yardım edebilir misiniz?Can you help me?
Bilmiyorum.I don’t know
Hoş GeldinizWelcome
Hoş BuldukWe came well